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Discover Hope at My Healing CHoice for Women

You can discover real hope at My Healing Choice for Women. Discover what and how you hurt and what you can do to overcome the painful aftermath of abortion, rape, incest, and abuses including ritual abuse. My Healing Choice is an online course, you can take at your own pace, from the privacy of your bedroom, your desk, your smartphone or tablet. Register for this powerfully effective recovery course today.

First step is to validate that you need help.

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My Healing Choice for Women!

Men hurt too!

Are you a man who has been party to an abortion? Did you insist or coerce her to have the abortion? Did you want the baby and she aborted it anyway?
Men have feelings, though they have been taught culturally to now show their feelings. They have been told repeatedly, big boys don’t cry. But, in fact, they do suffer hurts when they have been part of an abortion. What they need is for another man to give them permission to deal with their feelings. You can find such help right now online:

My Healing Choice for Men!