does abortion hurt

Does abortion hurt?

Many women say yes to the question, does abortion hurt? Abortion is a surgical procedure. Abortion is the death of a living human being still inside the mother’s womb. Abortion is a quick procedure, but a gruesome and most painful experience. Women who tell their story of abortion remember the hideous suction sound that seems to haunt them for years. Women say abortion killed a part of their soul.

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Abortion is the only form of suicide that has the victim live with the regret of pulling the trigger against her own offspring. Live inside the womb is a miracle. Out of nearly one billion sperm released by the male partner, only one sperm caused the pregnancy. That is a one in one billion statistical miracle to begin with. Next, the Bible tells us that God names and knits the child together, inside the womb and has known you before you were in your mother’s womb. Your days have been written in His book for your life before your life began. Every child has a purpose given to him or her.

Does abortion hurt? Yes it does!

But the good news is this: you don’t have to hurt…someone cares! You can start your journey to freedom right here, right now!

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